Algy and His Assistant Jenny


Algy is a unique and surprisingly fluffy bird. There is no other bird quite like Algy in the whole world! In Algy's first book A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird you can read the exciting story of how Algy arrived by sea, on a raft, to reach the land where he now lives.

Algy's daily adventures have been presented on a Tumblr blog since March 2012. Now, at last, the most exciting tales inspired by Algy's adventures are being published in book form, to delight children of all ages.

Algy's Assistant Jenny

Algy needed a human assistant to help him write and produce his stories, and to present his adventures to the world. He chose Jenny because her hairstyle is like Algy's own, and she lives very close to Algy's home. She also happens to be a writer and an artist :)

If you'd like to know more about Jenny's professional background you can look at her profile on LinkedIn and can also look at Jenny's official Amazon Author page.