The Playground Art Gallery

This is your very own art gallery! Send your own paintings and drawings of Algy or Algy's friends, or any pictures you have made that were inspired by the stories in Algy's books, and Algy will display them here. Algy loves to see your pictures, and he knows everyone else will love them too.

It's very easy send your own pictures to the gallery! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.

The gallery slideshow plays automatically. Hover over a picture to hold it for longer. To go forward and back through the pictures, click on the right and left arrows, or swipe on a mobile device.

How To Send A Picture To Algy's Payground Art Gallery

Have you got a picture on your computer, ready to send, or ready to photograph on a mobile device? That's wonderful! Just follow these simple instructions.

If you want your name, age or country to be displayed with your picture in the gallery – or you want to add a title and description for your picture – fill in the form. The information you provide in the form will be shown in the gallery beside your picture. If you don't want to provide any information, just leave the form blank, and your picture will be by an unknown artist.

Next, click on the big button labelled Find My Picture Or Take A Photo to find your picture on your computer, or to take a photo of it with your mobile device.

(Technical note: Image files must be either JPG, GIF or PNG.)

When you have chosen or photographed your picture, the label on the big button will change to Send My Picture To The Art Gallery. Click on that button again to send your picture and your information to the gallery. You should see a "Thank You" notice if the picture was sent successfully. If something goes wrong, you will see a special message.

After you have sent your picture there will be a wee delay before it can be shown in the gallery. Algy has to check everything, in case bad robots try to damage the gallery. And sometimes Algy is asleep, so if you send a picture during the Scottish night-time, Algy may not see it till the next day. But he will add it to the Playground Art Gallery as quickly as he can, so check back soon!