Algy's Dictionary

Algy noticed that children's dictionaries often miss out many words that are used in children's books. So Algy decided to create his own special dictionary :)

This interactive dictionary contains the trickier English language words in the Tales from the Adventures of Algy, and all of the Scots language and Scottish Gaelic words that are used in Algy's books. Algy hopes that it will help readers overseas as well as young readers. (Algy's books are written in British or International English, not in American English.)

Words are entered in the form in which they appear in Algy's books. For example, you can look up "swirling" and don't need to know that it comes from "swirl".

Algy is still working on the dictionary, and he will continue to add new words regularly.

rumbling [rumble]

Making a deep sound that lasts for a while, like the sound of thunder (adjective, from the verb "rumble")