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It's very easy to send your own story or poem to Algy's Writing Playground. Just fill in the form, check that you agree with the Conditions of Submission, then click the button below the form!

All stories and poems must have a title, please, so that they can be listed by title, and Algy also asks you to enter your age. Algy's Writing Playground only accepts writing by children… Algy sends his apologies to grown-ups! You don't have to enter your name and your country, but it makes it more interesting for readers if you do :)

Copy and paste your writing into the big box below, or type directly into the box. Please do not submit any writing that is not your own – and do not use swear words or any bad language as this will not be published.

Please read the important notes headed Conditions of Submission at the bottom of this page before you send your writing to Algy. If you agree with the Conditions, click the button to send :) You should then see a Thank You message. If you don't agree with the Conditions of Submission, please do not send your writing to Algy.

Algy will publish your story or poem in Algy's Writing Playground on this web site as soon as he has had a chance to check it.

Conditions of Submission: Please Read Before Submitting

When you send your own story or poem to Algy using the form above, you are agreeing to all the Conditions of Submission displayed here.

You confirm that the poem or story you are sending to Algy is your own original writing, and that it is about Algy, Algy's friends or Algy's world, or was inspired by reading one of Algy's books.

All legal rights in your writing remain with you, the original author. You grant Algy's assistants (whose business name is MacAvon Media) a non-exclusive licence to publish the story or poem you have submitted on this web site, free of charge. This means that you can also publish your writing anywhere else that you choose, at any time.

Algy and his assistants agree that they will not publish or distribute your writing anywhere except here, on Algy's own web site, unless you give them written permission to do so. You understand that once your writing is displayed publicly on this site, it is impossible to prevent other people from copying it if they choose to do so.

If you want your story or poem to be deleted from Algy's Writing Playground at any time, just send a message to Algy or his assistant Jenny and they will delete it as soon as they get your message.

Algy and his assistants reserve the right to refuse to publish any writing which they consider unsuitable for young readers, as this site is intended for children, including the very young.