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From on March 17th, 2017

★★★★★My 8 year old son loved the tale of Algy's search for the perfect tree

Reviewed by Nick

The Magical Midwinter Star, paperback edition

Jenny Chapman has done it again !! What a cracking, lovely and magical story. My 8 year old son loved the tale of Algy`s search for the perfect tree. Jenny`s characterisation of animals and description of landscapes are a joy to behold. The reader is totally transported into Algy`s new world.This episode in Algy`s adventures centres around a search for the right tree in the right clearing on the right night for a hootenanny. He meets new friends and endures terrible hardships along the way to fulfill his goal , his endurance is amazing ! Beautifully written by a wonderfully descriptive author , we are looking forward to Algy`s next adventure. Thankyou !!

From on January 15th, 2017

★★★★★My 7 year old son loved this story

Reviewed by Mellygregs [verified purchase]

The Magical Midwinter Star, kindle ebook edition

My 7 year old son loved this story.

This is the third book in the series and my boy has really enjoyed following the adventures of Algy the fluffy bird and his friends.

This is a book that adults can enjoy too as they read to their child (as I did!).

The story involves Algy making friends with new endearing characters who help him along the way to set up a mid winter celebration for all Algys animal friends on the island.

I started reading this book with my boy the day before Christmas Eve, but I wish I had started reading it a bit before then, as it would be a great story to read and finish by Christmas Day as the story centres around that time of year and will make you feel all Christmassy!

From on December 31st, 2016

★★★★★A book to be read again and again.

Reviewed by Fishtail [verified purchase]

The Magical Midwinter Star, kindle ebook edition

This book is the third in the series The Adventures of Algy and is a worthy successor to A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird and The Tree With a Golden Heart. It tells how Algy, who had immured himself in his nest against the cold and mist of a West highland winter, is persuaded by his friend to set forth in a new adventure, during which he meets many friends, old and new, and some frightening enemies. His journey is full of perils and excitements, culminating in a glorious finale. Beautifully written and marvellously evocative of the West highland winter landscape, this is a book to be treasured and read again and again.

From on December 24th, 2016

★★★★★A seasonal treat

Reviewed by Christopher Tookey

The Magical Midwinter Star, paperback edition

Those familiar with the previous two books about Algy’s adventures will need no encouragement to obtain and read this one. But if you haven’t yet been introduced to Algy and his friends you can start from here and catch up later. In fact with its midwinter theme this book would be a very good place to start. Along with Algy – a unique character – we are in these books introduced to a wide variety of creatures. And like the wild country in which they live they are beautifully observed and described by their creator from her own obvious appreciation of her wild surroundings. To help you feel welcomed to this wonderful world there is a four-page explanation of Scottish and Gaelic words, which will also help with pronunciation if you are reading it out loud.

And then there are the pictures, also by the author. They are lovely. And one particular subtlety to look out for on pages 87 – 90. No I’m not going to reveal it but don’t think you have spilt your whisky.