A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird hardback edition

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A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird, hardback edition

ISBN 978-1-910637-00-5, published July 27th, 2015

Cloth Bound With Dust Jacket. 126 pages with 10 colour illustrations.
Dimensions: 210 mm × 135 mm.

The hardback edition of A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird has a traditional cloth-bound cover with a matte full-colour dust jacket and a colour illustration at the start of each chapter. The title and author's name are stamped in gold text on the spine of the cloth cover.

This book will be signed on the blank white endpaper at the beginning of the book.

This first book in the series Tales from the Adventures of Algy tells a thrilling story of endurance and achievement; dangers and misfortune overcome; funny, friendly creatures and mean, nasty beasts – and making his way through it all with endless good humour and a song in his beak – an extraordinary and talented bird, who is, without doubt, surprisingly fluffy.

Algy is completely and utterly lost – at sea! When his tiny raft emerges from the swirling mist, Algy finally sees the rocky coast and hills of a foreign land… but can he manage to reach the shore and survive in this strange new place?

£13.99Special Offer £8.99 Choose this Book and Customize