The Tree With A Golden Heart paperback edition

The Tree With A Golden Heart, paperback edition

ISBN 978-1-910637-05-0, published December 21st, 2015

Paperback. 190 pages with 10 colour illustrations.
Dimensions: 203 mm × 127 mm.

The paperback edition of The Tree with a Golden Heart has a matte cover in full colour, with a colour illustration at the start of each chapter. The paperback edition is printed on a lighter weight paper than the hardback edition

Note The paperback has to be signed on the title page as there are no endpapers in a paperback.

The exciting second book in the series of Tales from the Adventures of Algy Featuring Algy, the most unusual and charming fluffy bird you could ever hope to meet!

When his special friend falls ill, Algy bravely undertakes a daring and magical adventure in search of the peculiar medicine that may help to cure his friend. As always, Algy encounters many friendly, helpful, and funny creatures, as well as some fearsome beasts, and his adventure is full of strange and exciting surprises, sprinkled with a handful of unusual poems and rhymes. Despite the very real dangers which Algy encounters during his thrilling adventure, the story of course has a heartwarmingly happy ending. This tale is drawn from the real birds and animals and the beautiful scenery of the wild west coast of the Scottish Highlands.