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From on February 19th, 2016

★★★★A good book for people who like adventure.

Reviewed by The Wifie

The Tree With A Golden Heart, kindle ebook edition

This book is perfect for children aged 4-11 and is good for people who like an adventure. I read the previous book and I really enjoyed it. When Algy's friend, Plog loses his mind, the only thing that will cure him is the mysterious tree with a golden heart. There were many who had set off to find it but few who accomplished the mission. Algy's loving and determined nature helped him to find the tree and save his friend. My favourite part is when Algy finds the tree and my least favourite part was when it looked looked like Plog was dying.

By Rebekah aged 11.

From on February 14th, 2016

★★★★★With love, Nik

Reviewed by Amazon Customer

The Tree With A Golden Heart, paperback 2nd (revised) edition

Another stunning classic from Jenny Chapman. Enjoyed every word despite being somewhat older than the recommended age range. Beautiful language and illustrations to inspire all with a subtle underlying message on the power of friendship and healing that's much needed in current times.

From on January 31st, 2016

★★★★★Algy’s new book is a delight.

Reviewed by eager reader [verified purchase]

The Tree With A Golden Heart, kindle ebook edition

When poor Plog becomes seriously ill with the bog fever he goes "All a-foggly in his noggly" and is certainly in need of good medicine to restore him to his usual poetic self. But to find the medicine Algy needs to embark on a long and difficult quest. Although many different animals help Algy on his way, his courage and determination to help his friend are decisive.

Every stage of his journey is described beautifully and believably. Matters don't always go smoothly, but brave Algy (with some unexpected help) finally succeeds in bringing the precious ingredients for Plog's medicine home.

We learn about many of the characters in Algy's new world. They each have foibles but unite in their efforts to bring about a happy conclusion. Heart warming.

Algy’s assistant Jenny adds some lovely illustrations to this enthralling account of Algy’s latest adventures.

From on January 24th, 2016

★★★★An Adventure Abroad the Bay of the Sand Isles

Reviewed by S. MacKinnon

The Tree With A Golden Heart, kindle ebook edition

I read this book because I read “A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird” and really enjoyed that one. This one had more things abroad from the Bay of the Sand Islands and was quite different from the Surprisingly Fluffy Bird.

What I like about both books is that they get pretty much immediately to the point of the story and don’t spend chapters talking about the whereabouts or introducing who are the characters in the story (I find those books a bit dull). I also like happy endings and Algy’s books all have happy endings. A nice thing is that Algy was willing to do anything for Plog even though it was very dangerous.

My favourite parts in it were the Ceilidh and when Algy fell asleep inside the tree with the Golden Heart. My least favourite part was when he just sat and did practically nothing for at least two weeks.

I recommend this book to children who like the idea that animals can talk and that they are not dumb animals. I also recommend this book to children who like adventure and enjoy the beauty of nature.

If I was in this book I would want to be Wee Katie the mouse, because she is very funny and really mousy.

I would really like it if Algy and his assistant Jenny could go on a tour of Scotland and visit places like Aberdeen and Edinburgh to get people more interested and intrigued about Algy and get them positively crazy about him so that his book are bought more. I really do like him and his good sense of humour.

By M (10 years old)