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From on January 1st, 2016

★★★★★An enthralling story

Reviewed by Tortoise

The Tree With A Golden Heart, hardback-OP edition

To be back with Algy and the friends he met in A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird is such a joy, but one of his friends is seriously ill and the only thing that will heal him is some medicine that is hard to find. Of course the intrepid Algy undertakes this perilous journey. He is helped on his way by various creatures, and the Highland landscape is so vividly described that we can fly over it with Algy and struggle with him through the ancient oak forest to find the tree with a golden heart. This is a longer and more complex book than the first one. It is every bit as enthralling and, as before, has a gloriously happy ending. It is written with seven to ten year olds in mind, and for adults young in heart. The five and six year olds who have had the first book read to them, may well be able to cope with this one read aloud too.