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From on January 23rd, 2016

★★★★★Following Algy's' adventures has been a joy for both me and my son

Reviewed by Amazon Customer [verified purchase]

The Tree With A Golden Heart, kindle ebook edition

Following Algy's' adventures has been a joy for both me and my son. Jenny Chapman's writing is not only engaging, creating a vivid world to imagine, but her strength is in her ability to make each character stand out and hold their own place in the story. It is the character interactions that my eight-year-old enjoyed too, comparing both books in this series to the Winnie the Pooh world. In my son's words: "The animals are all different, but they work together to save the day. All of them are heroes because they help each other." Another wonderful quality included in the book is the list of Gaelic words and names (at the back of my edition). It's not only useful, but also fun to go through the list with my son! We look forward to more in this series!

From on January 21st, 2016

★★★★★A delightful adventure for all ages

Reviewed by chris

The Tree With A Golden Heart, kindle ebook edition

Those who last year read "A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird' will already have met Algy who came as a storm tossed fugitive to the wild and beautiful Scottish coast. In this welcome and speedy sequel (the first, I hope of many) we see how this newcomer has been fully accepted into the community of birds and animals that he has made his own. So when his friend the Frog becomes desperately ill it is Algy who bravely makes the dangerous and eventful journey to bring back the medicine that it is hoped will bring healing. Though he sets out alone various new and old friends make possible the success of his quest - it is a fine example of teamwork. This, and the delightful and well observed portrayals of birds and animals, contribute to the enchantment of this book, together with descriptions of the wild west coast.

The list of Scottish and Gaelic words and names is a great asset which enables even an Englishman not to feel like an outsider.

From on January 12th, 2016

★★★★★A joy to read

Reviewed by Fishtail

The Tree With A Golden Heart, kindle ebook edition

In this beautifully written sequel to A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird the author tells how Algy sets off to find a magic medicine that will cure his friend Plog the frog, who is desperately ill with bog fever. During his travels he has many adventures, some more threatening than others, and meets many new characters some good, some bad. The story is interwoven with beautifully evocative descriptions of the scents, sounds and landscape of the Western Highlands of Scotland. A joy to read for anyone from seven to seventy and beyond.

From on January 7th, 2016

★★★★Even better than the first one!

Reviewed by 7020 [verified purchase]

The Tree With A Golden Heart, kindle ebook edition

My daughter was thrilled to see a new Algy adventure so soon after the last one and read it (we read it) over the snowy weekend.

A well written and engaging story with great illustrations, I hope the author will continue to publish more adventures!